Design and Build


Wrong location…Wrong style ….Not spacious enough, just not right!

The design of a house is almost limitless, and searching for your perfect property is sometimes difficult if not an impossible dream, but we here at Casas In La Romana we can build you your dream home

Whether you prefer traditional styling, or wish to opt for a more modern eco friendly design, we have many designs and plans available but we will listen to you.Our talented architect José David Santamonica and  Director Jose Miguel Torregrosa along with  our construction team will help you design a home that most suits your needs, your taste and budget, down to the smallest detail, creating a unique, custom built home just for you. We have many palns and designs available for you to choose from.

We are passionate about producing high quality, sustainable architecture and building solutions specific to our clients directives and our testimonials are the strength of our past success We have been constructing in this area for 19 years

Build time is 6 months, key ready in 8 months and our Villa design prices include architects fees and building licenses, internet and utility connections. The construction price does not include  notary registration and registration fees or IVA.

Optional extras are available and the list is endless, for this reason we will discuss with you individually your specific requirements.

Why not make an appointment and meet with our Architect for a FREE CONSULTATION.